Wooden doors

How to choose interior doors?

Todays technology allows to produce countless different types of interior doors made ​​of different materials, with a unique coating, various colors and more. Industrial abundance may confuse therefore strictly quality check of the door is needed before rushing to decide.

Wooden interior doors

In most cases, we recommend the wooden doors, why? You can easily match any style wooden doors design space exists because wooden doors can preserve their woody classic look but can easily be converted into innovative classic look in the mirror by coating door bold colors, sophisticated, playful, and more. Besides, you can upgrade your look by selecting the wooden interior doors which are designed spectacular developments.

Quality Above All

There are different types of interior doors made ​​of wood, some are made ​​of solid wood and some made ​​of wood alloy. Solid wood doors are actually doors that are made from 100% wood and therefore are attributed to them many benefits. These doors are highly resistant which prolong life, strong, environmentally friendly because they do not undergo chemical processes, family members friendly because they do not emit dangerous gases unlike certain industrial woods and of course the big advantage is their high moisture resistance in Israel.

Industrial wood doors are being shred and paste together into the desired patern. Although their quality is lower than the full tree but quality coating keeps the durability and allows us to buy wooden interior doors in lower cost.

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