Acoustic Doors

Who needs acoustic doors?

Previously the price of Acoustic Doors was very high and so was the domain of public institutions only. Today, after technological development in industry doors, the price dropped so you can definitely install acoustic entry doors and interior doors in homes, offices, and more. We offer high quality acoustic doors and personal imports equal wholesale prices for every budget.

Benefits of interior Acoustic doors

Standard acoustic doors can block noise intensity of about 20 dB more from normal isolated door. Why isolate noise in residential block? When it comes to family, most parents want privacy in their room so they could talk without being overheard through the door. Also, the family would prefer not to hear the little children running wild in the games room or music lessons taking place in another room. with Interior acoustic doors the tranquility of the family is maintained.

Office Acoustic interior doors

Acoustic Doors help keep the peace in the office for everyone to do his job without unnecessary interference. Also, private office is a very important factor, many customers require full discretion when closing transactions or providing personal information about themselves or their company.

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What may Acoustic door made of?

Acoustic door face looks just like a normal door, designed, coated with different materials and colors varied but its advantage lies beneath the appearances. Acoustic door is made of several layers of material of wood chips compressed together with a substance called Flksbord which further isolated plaster wall, in addition to existing attached rubber sealing along the frame.