Interior doors

We brought you a wide range of interior doors ( we manufacture a door per order ) . The doors come with different coatings of the CPL, epoxy or simulated Formica, Wood carved doors or special smoothness selection method SLC as per architect ‘s request .

In addition, we offer our customers a wide range of advanced solutions include among others: hidden blind lintels, painted lintels, lintels for interior doors that dragged into a pocket systems or on a wall. Here you will find a huge variety of creative solutions for interior design.

Today we no longer have to compromise! You too can get quality doors, Architect doors warehouse – designed doors at adjusted cost of living in Israel. Low prices – guaranteed! ( Wholesale prices for institutional and private clients) .

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Italian glass sliding doors (tempered glass) of water proof, with hidden/not hidden lintels in size and color choice.

Our doors:

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  • 480xpuertas_interior_madera_lacadas_212
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  • 480xpuertas_interior_madera_lacadas_4000
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