Interior doors Price

interior doors

interior doors in architect doors warehouse פrice list begins only at a few hundred shekels for designed interior doors. We offer cheap interior doors price list that attractive each sector (both private sector) and allows purchase at wholesale prices. Personal Import and purchase directly from the source saves you the brokerage gaps affect price of interior doors elsewhere. Enjoy our special offers on Quality interior doors in addition to the fixed wholesale price.

What affects the price of interior doors?

Interior doors prices generally consist of various factors affecting it:

The raw material of the door – interior doors price is mainly affected by the raw material of the door. Interior doors price rise, as the quality approaches to whole tree.

Lintels – the bar is an integral part of buying a door. Special lintels such as rounded lintels or even line continue curver with the wall, pushed up the price.

Shoe – We offer a cheap but special handles or magnetic locking mechanism that pushed up the price slightly.

Coatings door – interior doors come in a variety of coatings such as Formica, laminate, oven coloring and more. Each method different price.

Special design – we sell designed fretwork doors, frosted glass window is integrated in the door, the addition of metal ornaments and more. As the design of the door requires more work so the price will rise.

We recommend that you purchase a high quality doors with resistant coating that will last for many years. Additions and renovations designs are spectacular bonus but not always necessary in any of the doors in a house.

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